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The Raise of Wall Hung Toilet, Pioneered by GEBERIT

Why GEBERIT ? 😄 click on the video

The room most often looked past and doesn’t get as much love as it should is undoubtedly the bathroom. For a space people spend a lot of their time in, many don’t find the importance of making it presentable. Some may even think, as long as it is functional, that is all that matters. However, research shows that we spend 182 hours a year in the bathroom, so why not make your time in there a pleasant one. If one is willing to spend on smart gadgets, investing in a smart innovative sanitary system would be the next big move.

in 1964, GEBERIT pioneered the concealed cistern and continues to prove that they play an important role in the industry when it comes to innovative ideas. With further improvement of quality and functionality, the GEBERIT concealed cistern has become a trusted product for plumbers and users for decades. With GEBERIT concealed solutions, it creates a superior personal hygiene experience by simplifying things for the end-users.

Functional beauty With GEBERIT Sigma cisterns not only style moves into your bathrooms, but also functionality. With a prewall construction you gain space for cosmetics or other bathrooms items. Another possibility to give your bathroom a personal touch.

State-of-the-art Design

The GEBERIT Sigma concealed cisterns offer solutions to almost every building situation and to every design idea. Thus, it is possible to create extraordinary bathrooms looks that meet all the requirements and expectations.

The GEBERIT flush plate is the design solution for the 21st-century bathroom, banishing ugly cisterns while offering timeless good looks and clever functions

Currently, GEBERIT full range products are distributed and available in Malaysia at Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd (KL).


Kindly reach out to our friendly consultants:

Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd

201, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

📞03-20939 555

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