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The Healer Tub with "SKIN TOUCH" by Kaldewei

Imagine bathing in Champagne like bubbles

"SKIN-TOUCH" Quiet, Warm, Relax dipping therapy

Skin Touch Tub

One of the easiest ways to make any bathroom look more luxurious, no matter the size, is to add a beautiful bathtub. It is also the perfect place to kick back and relax after a long day. Kaldewei Skin Touch offers luxurious bathing, enriched with a completely new dimension of deep relaxation and nourishing care.

Skin Touch Tub: Bathing pleasure with anti-aging results

The beauty of the Skin Touch bath lies in the fantastic results that you will see and feel in just 20 minutes, and The magic starts with tiny oxygen-rich bubbles, these tiny miracles - 50 to 100 times smaller than normal air bubbles present in skin touch tub- are responsible for the amazing benefits of microbubble hydrotherapy. The patented process creates literally billions of these little miracles that work to improve the health and vitality of your skin. Together, the micro-bubbles form a cloud of oxygen in your bathtub for a delightful sizzling sensation.

Source: Kaldewei

Naturally cleansing and deep Penetrating effect

Billions of oxygen-rich microbubbles reach what plain soap and water cannot. They are so small (less than 2000 inches) that they can gently penetrate your skin's pores. And these tiny microbubbles are negatively charged. That means any debris, dead skin, dirt, or impurities in the pores will naturally be attracted to the bladder and removed. Tiny air bubbles disperse evenly throughout the bath like gentle bath milk, gently caressing the body. As a result, the skin becomes velvety-smooth and silky from head to toe and remains the same long after a bath.

The material of Kaldewei Skin Touch

Skin Touch transforms a Kaldewei bathtub made from natural steel enamel into a completely satisfying regeneration and pampering experience. Bathroom solutions made of Kaldewei steel enamel are highly regarded for durability and ease of cleaning - thanks to the glassy seamless surface. This high-tech material does not form even the smallest cracks, in which timescale and dirt can settle. Skin Touch is available in almost 200 Kaldewei bathtubs. It is flush with the sidewall and works at a small volume - absolutely ideal for a relaxing beauty bath!

"Sound-Wave" turns your tub into a speaker. Feel the music

Feel your favouite sound in the bathtub

Another exciting feature Kalewei provides a unique sense of sound - both in and underwater. But that's not all. Their innovative bath audio system lets you immerse yourself in your favorite music! With a bathtub that acts as a sound box, you will experience a whole new world of your music collection through your tab, laptop, or phone. Audio can be stream via Bluetooth devices.

Long-Lasting Bathtub solution to keep your wellbeing in Covid-19 pandemic

At Livingbathrooms, we are serving Malaysians with quality promise, the "30-year guarantee" Kaldewei underlines the investment security offered by its products. Our goal is to provide Kaldewei premium quality skin touch tub that is pure, hygienic, lightweight and durable, perfect for our customers' wellbeing. In the Covid-19 pandemic, we take care of everyone's health and the best thing to get rid of covid is to take a relaxing Skin Touch bath that helps you boost your immunity and activate your muscles. So what are you waiting for? Give your skin and your bathroom a new look with the Kaldewei bathtub!

Currently, the full range KALDEWEI products are distributed and available in Malaysia at Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd (KL).


Kindly reach out to our friendly consultant:

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