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FRANKE: Food Waste Disposer!

In light of the PANDEMIC, it is essential to adjust our daily routine as convenient and comfortable as possible. FRANKE from Switzerland, highly regarded as the living standard of premium kitchen industry. Has engineered a reliable solution, the Franke Food Waste Disposal for every house-hold.

"Cleaning up after meals gets a whole lot easier with a lightweight and powerful Franke waste disposal unit. Now you can safely and hygienically wash food scraps away. No more leaving them in the bin where they can cause odor, attract pests and become covered in bacteria. Safety, convenience and performance are central to each Franke food waste disposer and there’s a unit for every modern kitchen."


Convenient and Fast. No more getting rid of plastic gabbage bags

Cleaner environment. Reduce Plastic Waste

Less waste to the landfill

Protects plumbing. Minimize chunky food dispose from clogging the pipes

Why? Franke Food Waste Disposal:

How to use Franke Food Waste Disposal:

Currently, FRANKE products are available in Malaysia at Living Bathrooms (KL)


Kindly reach out to our friendly consultants:

Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd

201, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

📞03-20939 555

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