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Create your very own SPA-LIKE Shower Experience: HANSGROHE Rainfinity

Designed by PHEONIX Created by HANSGROHE

Standing in the Rain Has Never Been So Invigorating

With its aim of helping people enjoy the beauty and simplicity of water, its latest range Rainfinity represents a new benchmark in modern shower design, marrying superior engineering with innovative technology and contemporary finishes. Offering the ultimate in showering indulgence, Rainfinity is truly unique.

Where innovation exceeds modern expectation

Rainfinity’s shower head has three spray modes, designed to transform the daily shower routine into an extraordinary wellness experience at the simple click of a button. Inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest, PowderRain provides maximum relaxation. Thanks to five fine openings in every jet outlet, water is transformed into a fine spray that wrap the body in an ultra-quiet blanket of water for a velvety-soft sensation. Located in the centre of the jet disc, the Intense PowderRain mode uses a more concentrated jet of ultra-fine droplets to make light work of rinsing out shampoo.

Where innovation exceeds modern expectation

The shower experience is further enhanced by Rainfinity’s slightly concave spray surface and the diffused arrangement of the jet disc holes. This combination ensures that the spray isn’t limited to the head and shoulders, but softly envelope the entire body with water.

NEW Dimension of Showering: Premium Shower Collection by HANSGROHE

Currently, HANSGROHE & AXOR full range products are distributed and available in Malaysia at Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd (KL).


Kindly reach out to our friendly consultants:

Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd

201, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

📞03-20939 555

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