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Top 5 Trending Wellness Products: Elevate Your Personal Space with Spa-Like Luxury

Indulge in the Ultimate Spa Experience from the Comfort of Your Home


1. DURAVIT BLUE MOON Whirlpool / Tub

An exclusive spa-like bath to relax and rejuvenate in. Chic, classy and elegant best describes Blue Moon. This circular tub encased within a square body epitomises design in its purest form. Blue Moon is available as either a bathtub or whirlpool with an immersion depth of 510mm. Once submerged, a feeling of floating weightlessness overwhelms the body allowing you to completely relax and unwind.

Product features:

✰ sustainable, timeless design

✰ waterproof remote control

✰ ergonomic shape 1400 x 1400mm

✰ LED lights (optional)

✰ Headrest white (optional)

✰ top inlay materials: TEAK (real wood) or White Acrylic Inlay

✰ 3 models: tub only, 6 jet-system or combi system E

2. KALDEWEI Skin Touch Spa Experience

SKIN TOUCH offers luxurious bathing with nourishing care, naturally revitalising the skin with the infusion of pure oxygen. For the revolutionary beauty effect SKIN TOUCH enriches the water with millions of micro sized air bubbles that are up to 100 times smaller than those in whirlpool baths. The bubbles disperse evenly through the tub like a delicate bath milk, softly caressing the body and invigorating the skin cells for a luxurious deep treatment. The result is supple and rejuvenated skin that feels velvety-soft and smooth from head to toe - a spa effect that beautifies the skin with every bath.

*KALDEWEI Skin Touch feature is available for majority of KADLEWEI tubs in various shapes & sizes

3. KALDEWEI SOUNDWAVE transform bath into a "MUSICAL TUB"

The bathtub is transformed into a refined speaker. And thanks to the water, the sound becomes even fuller. Enjoy a unique sound experience above and under the water. Dive in and feel the music!

The bath audio system is installed together with the bathtub. Its six acoustic panels and two transducers are placed outside the tub using adhesive to prevent damaging the exquisite steel enamel. The transducers are connected to the receiver and control box, while the control box is plugged into a power source. SOUND WAVE can wirelessly play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device. The device (your smartphone, laptop, tablet, PC) must be within a range of ten metres. SOUND WAVE is simple to operate with your device. After activation and connection to the system, SOUND WAVE will then automatically recognise your device each time you use it again.



Showering in a new dimension of radiant beauty: the AXOR ShowerHeaven is an impressive overhead shower with a 1.2 metre long and 30 centimetre wide generous, plane surface of highquality metal. Its four retractable “wings” and integrated ambient lighting, not only make it a fabulous stage for water, but also create a new archetype in the shower. Three jet types guarantee a luxurious showering experience: the concentrated mono jet in the middle, the expansive rain jet, and the body jets with their unique PowderRain spray. A relaxing massage spray, a soothing rain shower, or a gentle drizzle: the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 allows users to shower using each jet type individually, or all three in unison – a spectacular sensory experience.

Made by AXOR Design by Pheonix Design

Product Features:

  • Movable flaps that open under water pressure

  • Body jet can be angled to suit different user heights

  • When not in use, the flaps close to form a flat, easy to clean surface

  • Velvety-soft shower rain

  • Inside and outside flaps controlled separately

  • QuickClean function

  • Shower rain that surrounds the whole body

  • Geometric spray field, perfectly adapted to the user’s body

  • Concentrated, soothing, relaxing jet for a real spa feeling


NEW Dimension of Showering: Premium Shower Collection by HANSGROHE

The shower experience is further enhanced by Rainfinity’s slightly concave spray surface and the diffused arrangement of the jet disc holes. This combination ensures that the spray isn’t limited to the head and shoulders, but softly envelope the entire body with water.

Rainfinity’s shower head has three spray modes, designed to transform the daily shower routine into an extraordinary wellness experience at the simple click of a button. Inspired by the warm, misty droplets of the rainforest, PowderRain provides maximum relaxation. Thanks to five fine openings in every jet outlet, water is transformed into a fine spray that wrap the body in an ultra-quiet blanket of water for a velvety-soft sensation. Located in the centre of the jet disc, the Intense PowderRain mode uses a more concentrated jet of ultra-fine droplets to make light work of rinsing out shampoo.

Currently, DURAVIT, KALDEWEI, HANSGROHE & AXOR full range products are distributed and available in Malaysia at Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd (KL).


Kindly reach out to our friendly consultants:

Living Bathrooms Sdn Bhd

201, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

📞03-20939 555

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